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Martin Macdonald

Martin MacDonald


Before I was even 'qualified' I somehow got some pretty high profile clients; I started working with a twice world champion prior to Beijing and then a couple of Olympic sports shortly after this and it all took off and Mac-Nutrition was born!

I started off as a simple 'Performance Nutritionist', with a specialism in body composition, working with sports teams and people. I then started giving nutrition advice to anyone from sports people to celebrities and business people.

Nowadays my work is so varied I can't really explain it succinctly. I like to call myself a 'Nutritional Scientist' I am a 'practising academic' in that I lecture at University level at the same time as being involved in the day to day nutritional planning for individuals from all walks of life.

Contracts held:

  • Owner of
  • Head Nutritionist to British Weight Lifting
  • Consultant Nutritionist to Derby County FC
  • Nutrition Editor and Writer for Men's Running
  • Lead Nutritionist to England Swimming
  • Consultant Nutritionist to Leicestershire County CC

Celebrity Clients:

  • Hannah Waterman
  • Clare Nasir
  • Josie Gibson
  • Lady Isabella Hervey

Personal Nutrition

I suppose to give my own nutrition a real label it would be somewhere in the middle. Moderate carbs, moderate fat, moderate protein. I'm not die-hard zone, Paleo, Atkins, etc but I am a fan of a lot of their principles. However, working with people from both ends of the spectrum (elite athletes to very sick people) Ihave seen where sticking to these principles rigidly can be sub optimal for one reason or another. I suppose one of the goals of Mac-Nutrition has been to talk about a lot of key areas of nutrition so that people can make informed choices themselves.

Products Used

MPMAX® True Whey, Impact Whey Protein Choc Nut (Tastes too good!), Maltodextrin/Dextrose, Creapure®, Beta Alanine, Instant Oats, Omega3, Vitamin D3

Key Insight

Very often I hear people saying 'Well it's what works best for me' or 'Everyone's different!' and all too often this is used as an excuse for doing things sub-optimally or just to win an internet argument! - While I pride myself on treating every client as an individual we all still have very similar basic physiology that means certain things hold true in all of us (except perhaps a few genetic abnormalities that occur but we'll ignore those).

The moreI practise and learn the more I become an advocate for plain and simple REAL food. My biggest bug bear and one of the key reasons for setting up my Twitter and Facebook pages is that all too often blanket recommendations from 'health organisations' are based on flimsy research or best guesses. These recommendations then filter down to people who actually care about their health and they go around restricting anything with a negative stigma around it including salt, fat, red meat and eggs! All natural things that won't do the majority of people any harm and will do most people a lot of good!

Sporting Hero

Tough one! When I played football it was Ian Wright! Then when I got into bodybuilding it was always Flex Wheeler and now Phil Heath. I'll be honest, I'm not a big sports 'fan' and never have been.