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Potent Stimulant



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Activate is a potent blend of energy enhancing ingredients combined to help increase your mental focus and physical performance. The advanced combination of Chocamine Plus®, Caffeine, B Vitamins and Antioxidants, helps increase energy levels whilst improving speed of thought, focus and mental clarity.

Activate allows you to stimulate your neuro pathways to ensure your brain and muscles communicate concisely to ensure full co-ordination during exercise. When fatigue sets in to the Central Nervous System (CNS) performance can be severely hampered with exercise intensity and duration being compromised. The CNS can fatigue much earlier than your muscles, therefore it is important to keep the neuro pathways and CNS alert to help you achieve the level of performance you require.

One of the main ingredients within Activate is caffeine which has been shown in a number of studies to help improve strength, power and endurance. Each serving of Activate provides a massive 200mg of caffeine which is more than some of the markets most popular stimulant products. The addition of B Vitamins helps your body utilise stored energy whilst the antioxidant properties of Grapeseed Extract help remove fatigue inducing free radicals such as lactic acid. Lastly, Bioperine has been included to help your body absorb all of the powerful ingredients contained within Activate.

Warning: Caffeine is a powerful stimulant. Not suitable for anyone under 16, pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone with hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, or people who have sleep problems. Each serving of Activate contains 200mg of caffeine.

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