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New flavours – Sour Apple and Raspberry Lemonade

  • Vegetarian


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Now available in Lemon & Lime, Orange, Sour Apple and Raspberry Lemonade.

What are Branch Chain Amino Acids?

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are essential amino acids which contain a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These amino acids are considered to be essential as they cannot be synthesised by the body, so must be consumed from dietary sources.

What are the Benefits of BCAA's?

During exercise BCAA become more important whereby dietary intakes can often not meet the body's needs. Therefore, with BCAA powder you can reach optimum levels of BCAAs in a quick and easy way.

BCAAs can be consumed throughout the day for or before, during and after workouts. You can increase the effectiveness of BCAAs by consuming 10mg of Vitamin B6 with every 10g of BCAA.

Who are Branch Chain Amino Acids Suitable for?

BCAA’s are generally consumed by active individuals and are suitable for anyone taking part in intense training or exercise, looking to enhance muscle recovery. BCAA's also have zero sugar and fat.

How to take BCAA's?

5 grams of BCAA's can be consumed 2-4 times daily. BCAA's can be consumed by mixing with water, or for best results add 2 MP small scoops to your favourite fruit juice or pre/post workout shake.

Product Reviews - 7 reviews

Great Product

- (30 / Apr / 2014)


I got the Berry blast and it tastes lovely and mixes very well. i have it every day during training. Highly recommended.

Goes Well With:


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Linas J.

- (08 / Jan / 2014)


I've tried unflavoured only. It has that bitterness, but well, that's the way it should be. But then you can add to your flavoured protein shakes of juices and it goes well. If you're using protein shakes not sure you need additional BCAA. But I'm still adding.

Goes Well With:

Sports drinks, juices

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- (05 / Feb / 2013)


An excellent supplement, one of the must have's if your serious about training. Mixes well and get's results, doesn't taste great but were hear to get in shape so thats all that matters.

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- (10 / May / 2012)


Excellent product. Okay it doesn't taste nice but that's how raw bcaa tastes. Just spoon it into your mouth and drink a glass of water straight away and it's gone. There's bcaa powders out there with flavour by they're twice the price. The products should be rated on effectiveness and this product works. Plain and simple!! Increased strength and endurance. Worth the taste!

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- (13 / Mar / 2012)


"Best price ever, I am taking 5 g before workout, 20g during workout, 5 g after workout, 5g in the morning and 5g before bed. I am getting great results, that´s all that matters at the end of the day, forget about the taste or mixability."

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- (23 / Sep / 2011)


"Cannot say anything about effectiveness, because I've always been using this product as my pre and post workout drink and I do not know how would I feel without drinking it. But I believe BCAA is the same no matter where you buy it. And I buy it from MYPROTEIN because of the huge price difference. I do want to comment on taste however. This is something terrible you put in your mouth. Screw those who say man up and swallow it. Yeah, ok, you swallow it and go to gym only to have that terrible chemical after taste in your mouth. At first i was going to throw this BCAA in the bin and buy myself BCAA capsules which are almost 3 times the price. BUT!!!!, I FOUND A SOLUTION that works miracle for me!!! I mixed it with grape juice. I can barely feel the taste of BCAA. I get grape juice from lidl, which is all together is still much cheaper than buying capsules."

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- (24 / Mar / 2011)


"agreed the taste is terrible...cuold have taken the caps, i read it before that bcaa or EAA is best taken before tranning and for optimum result best is to consume it during the training (prooven works)... and many people cry bout not abling to drink it regulary, but come on drink it during the training add glucose or fructore with it and you dont feel it anymore... mix BCAA + Glucose or Fructose and you'll have a trainning like you never had... theres more to add to drink while trainning"

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