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pH-Correct Creatine



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Kre-Alkalyn® is one of the most advanced forms of Creatine available. Due to its high pH value, Kre-Alkalyn® is delivered to the muscle at full strength allowing for advanced results and enhanced levels of ATP production. Kre-Alkalyn® does not require a loading phase and it causes none of the uncomfortable side effects some people suffer with other forms of Creatine.

Creatine is stored in the muscle and is used to regenerate the body's most potent form of energy Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP). ATP is used every time you perform a high intensity or explosive movement such as sprinting or lifting weights, but stores only last for around 10 seconds so it is important to replenish these stores as quickly as possible. Creatine helps replenish ATP stores rapidly, creating more energy.

Any athlete involved in high intensity, explosive sports can benefit from creatine supplementation. Creatine has been proven to increase strength and power and is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements on the market. Kre-Alkalyn® pushes the boundaries even further as it helps creatine load, producing even greater levels of ATP production.

Because it can increase the amount of lean muscle in the body, Kre-Alkalyn® may also be helpful to those looking to lose body fat and create a more aesthetically pleasing body shape.

Warning: Not recommend for use if you have suffered from kidney or liver dysfunction (not an exhaustive list). Please consult your doctor before use if you are unsure. Not recommended for pregnant women or if you are under 18 years of age. As with all creatine products please drink plenty of water.

Product Reviews - 1 review

- (03 / May / 2011)


"okey, first off i'd really like if this product was sold as powder, and i'd like to tell why: if you use this you still have to use the monohydrate one cause lets face it its cheap and theres load of it and its good when it digests slowly, now this one is ment pre training, which i dont agree with cause im using it for few months now and what i can tell is if you want to feel the effect of it you have to eat it at a very presise time and on who knows that stomach: empty, half empty, full cause lets face it you never be empty you never know when its going to hit the body, sometimes i felt results sometimes i didn't, so i thought i'll take durring the training as i do with bcaa, maltodextrin, glucose and i can tell ya the effect is all the time every time: great, (bout drinking this stuff on training, well its a long story, lets just say during the training is whne your body is beggin for nutrients and if you hit it with as that time uhhh it will feel good, imagine a guy in desert drinking water, same effect) i just open the caps and pour power in the shaker, and i can tell ya its tastless and mixes perfectly, so you know get rid of caps, bottle, raise the gr amount, keep the price :). at the moment i use 2 caps during the training probably works as well as the guy who be using 10 before and after...where i use monohydrate creatine during the day....count it 120caps 2 a day 60 days...this number makes me think do i really want it in pouch...cause i'd definetly use way more of it but as creatine supplement i give it 10/10 once you figure out the way how and when to use it"

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