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Wheatgrass Powder




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Over the past couple of years Wheatgrass powder has become a more and more popular nutritional supplement due to the myriad of health benefits available from this nutritionally packed super food.

Wheatgrass is the young grass stage of grain plants, taken just after sprouting and is packed with a number of healthy nutrients including vitamins minerals and enzymes. Wheatgrass also has a high content of chlorophyll which has been shown to prevent the growth and spread of unfriendly bacteria.

Chlorophyll is similar in structure to Haemoglobin therefore it has been shown to increase the oxygen carrying capabilities of the blood. Chlorophyll breaks down carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Oxygenated blood can provide numerous health benefits including increased energy, improved brain function and extra defences against unhealthy toxins. Chlorophyll also acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that neutralises toxins in the body by purifying blood and cleansing the cells helping the body to reduce the effects of harmful toxins and free radicals. Due to the high amino acid content in Wheatgrass, it is also a great tool for building protein and supporting the growth of new tissue

Wheatgrass is also very alkaline helping your body to balance its acidity levels.

Product Reviews - 4 reviews

Great value

- (08 / Nov / 2013)


I've been using wheatgrass powder for a few months now. The myprotein powder is great value. When it comes to recipes I can't give too much advice. I usually mask it in a green shake, but I've also used it in porridge. It looks god awful but actually tastes pretty good!

Goes Well With:

Fruit shake Porridge

- (19 / Jul / 2013)


The Wheatgrass Powder arrived quickly, and it doesn't taste at all as bad as I had imagined. It's fine when mixed with fresh fruit juice or a smoothie.

Goes Well With:

Fresh fruit juice

Excellent Product

- (10 / May / 2013)


After 3 weeks of taking the Wheatgrass Powder not only have my energy levels and overall well being improved but I am more focused and dedicated with my workouts. I highly recommend this product. I will continue to take it everyday.

- (07 / Jan / 2012)


"Took one scoop with 400 ml water every morning consistently for a month and felt the effects very quickly - I had far more energy and my digestive system was in far better condition. Taste-wise, it is pretty bad at first, but after about a week I could drink it reasonably comfortably without having to down it like I did at first."

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