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The use of sports supplements is vital in an extreme sport such as bodybuilding. The body goes through a number of physical changes during a bodybuilding programme therefore it is essential to consume the nutrients essential for growth.

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In the sport of bodybuilding it is important to understand that what works for one person will not, necessarily, work for another therefore understanding your own body is essential. A structured bodybuilding programme should be based around weight lifting to encourage muscular growth and illicit what is known as the 'training effect'. The 'training effect' is the point at which physical training encourages specific physiological changes in order to make the body more efficient and in the case of bodybuilding, bigger and stronger. As there is a strong link between gains in strength and muscle size, it is fair to say that the more weight one can lift the bigger the muscle will become. A strict diet and disciplined training routine are vital for any aspiring bodybuilder whilst the use of a variety of sports supplements can improve results dramatically.

This section of the website will provide a number of helpful tips and products that will help improve your physical performance in your chosen sport.

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Helpful Tips

Energy to train

The key to any bodybuilding routine is providing your muscles with enough energy to complete your training programme; this often requires working a muscle to failure or fatigue. As with any sport, carbohydrates are one of the main sources of fuel for exercise and will help maintain muscle glycogen concentrations. When concentrations are low performance will be negatively affected. Instant Oats are a great source of Low GI carbohydrates which will provide a sustained supply of energy. Total Protein is a multi source protein supplement that encourages the working muscle to grow and repair. During intense exercise the body can often use protein from the muscle for energy, so consuming a high protein supplement like Total Protein can spare valuable muscle tissue and encourage growth rather than damage.

Fuel to aid recovery and help growth

One of the most important nutritional times in bodybuilding is directly after training and the recovery time between sessions. This is the period when muscle glycogen stores must be fully replenished and sufficient protein should be consumed to avoid muscle breakdown and promote muscle growth. Recovery XS is packed with quality carbohydrates and protein as well as L-Glutamine. This combination will give you the complete nutrition your body needs to ensure the recovery process is efficient and complete.

Improving performance

Once a healthy and nutritious diet is in place to power workouts and aid recovery, it is a good idea to find out how nutritional supplements can actually improve performance and help you gain muscle size quicker. Pulse is a combination of energy producing carbohydrates, focus enhancing amino acids and performance boosting creatine. This formula will increase your energy and help you perform a greater volume of work in the gym. Tribulus Pro is a supplement that has been shown to increase the production of testosterone. This can be extremely beneficial to bodybuilders as it can enhance energy production and support muscle growth.

Looking after your body

The volume of work performed by bodybuilders and the need for quick recovery, means a great deal of stress is placed on the body and its immune system. This makes the need for a complete and functional daily vitamin supplement essential for all bodybuilders and serious weightlifters. Alpha Men super multi-vitamin tablets will help your body flush out unwanted toxins and improve the rate at which your body repairs itself after heavy physical exercise.

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