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Cricket requires a unique combination of physical attributes that may be called upon in a variety of different situations. Due to the differing requirements of each field position and the extended periods of play, a solid nutritional strategy is crucial to maintain focus and energy throughout a game.

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Although cricket involves a large variety of specialist areas, there are a number of common physical attributes that all players require. The most obvious physical requirement of any cricketer is the ability to stay energised and focused for several hours on end. You may not be called in to action for some time, but when you are you need to ensure you're alive to the situation. Other important physical characteristics of cricket include the ability to repeatedly perform explosive movements such as sprinting, throwing and diving. Generally speaking, players need to be agile with low levels of body fat and excellent levels of stamina. Training will cover all aspects of fitness including strength, power endurance and agility meaning cricketers must train hard, rest well and eat sensibly. Without this combination the recovery time after each game or training session will increase and players will not be primed for the next game. Within a game situation all players must be able to react quickly and recover effectively between regular bouts of explosive and intense activity.

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Helpful Tips

Energy to train

As with any sport, carbohydrates are one of the main sources of fuel for cricket players and will help maintain energy levels throughout matches. When concentrations are low, performance will be negatively affected with coordination and physical capabilities diminishing. ONE Isotonic is a great source of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates which will provide a sustained supply of energy and are ideal before, during and after exercise. ONE Isotonic also helps maintain positive hydration levels when sipped during activity. Dehydration can seriously impede performance levels and in a summer sport like cricket where you can be out on the field for some time, this is a major concern. The electrolyte content of ONE Isotonic provides a replacement for the salts lost through sweating which can again have a heavy impact on muscular performance and hydration.

Fuel to aid recovery and help growth

Due to the sheer duration and strain involved during a cricket game, it is imperative that a sound recovery programme is put in place. After several hours of physical activity the body will be drained of all of its energy stores making it crucial, from the point of recovery and physical adaptation, to restore these energy levels. Replenishing the body's stores of carbohydrates and protein should be at the top of your list which is why Recovery XS is an ideal supplement directly after exercise.

One of the most important nutritional times in cricket is directly after training and the recovery time between sessions. It is during this time that you can increase the anabolic state of the muscle and encourage greater levels of strength and muscle mass. The combination of nutrients contained in Recovery XS will give you the complete nutrition your body needs to ensure the recovery process is efficient and complete.

Improving performance

The overriding principle for any athlete is to consume a balanced and structured diet covering all aspects of functional and healthy diet. Once this has been achieved, you need to consider the types of foods or supplements that can help you achieve more in your specific sport. Zoned helps increase your focus, concentration and mental energy, all major requirements for cricket games that can span several hours. Another major requirement across all field positions is the necessity to produce fast and explosive movements throughout a game. Whether you're a fast bowler, wicket keeper or batsmen you will undoubtedly need to sprint or throw the ball as fast as you can at some point during a game. Creatine Monohydrate is the perfect supplement for increasing your ability to create these powerful and explosive movements, whilst also helping you recover effectively between each movement.

Looking after your body

The volume of work performed during a cricket game can vary dramatically between players' roles, but the common factor is the time all players spend on their feet being physically active. With this in mind all players need to be able to recover quickly after games and training whilst supporting the heavy impact on their bones and joints. This makes the need for a complete and functional daily vitamin supplement essential. Alpha Men super multi-vitamin tablets will help your body flush out unwanted toxins and improve the rate at which your body repairs itself after activity. Omega 3 softgels will also support a healthy immune system whilst offering extra protection to often overused and strained joints.

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