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Triathlon is, without doubt, one of the most gruelling sports in the world combining swimming, cycling and running over various distances. The physical requirements of this sport demand a well trained and well fuelled body.

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Triathlon is a sport that pushes the body to its extreme physical capabilities. Whilst most people struggle to be efficient in any one discipline, triathletes must master three separate disciplines (swimming, cycling and running) and be equally competent at them all. The combination of three disciplines makes training for triathlon particularly difficult and taxing. Whilst most triathletes will have one 'weak' discipline it is vital that training involves a good balance between all three with emphasis placed on exercise economy and overall stamina. Training must also involve a certain amount of periodisation, where the athlete peaks just before an event, recovers directly after and maintains there fitness in-between events. There is no doubt that nutrition plays a massive role in fuelling both training and competition, so a balanced diet plan is imperative for any serious triathlete.

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Helpful Tips

Energy to compete

The sheer volume and duration of triathlon requires a consistent supply of energy throughout training and competition. Whilst the body carries a vast amount of stored energy, it doesn't carry enough to fuel your body at its highest level throughout a triathlon; therefore it is important to re-fuel at every given opportunity. Not only will Tri-Carb help maintain energy levels by maintaining your carbohydrate stores, but it will also help keep you hydrated throughout your activity.

Fuel to aid recovery and help growth

Due to the intensity required in training, it is important to ensure your body recovers quickly and effectively so that you can maintain a regular training routine. The more quality time you can spend training, the more likely you are to beat your personal best times in competition. Recovery XS combines protein, carbohydrates and a number of other excellent ingredients to help promote recovery after exercise. The nutrients included in Recovery XS have been proven to improve recovery and help the body repair itself from the damage incurred during intense exercise. It is also important to maintain a high protein diet in order to build new muscle and help prevent muscle deterioration. A high protein shake like True Whey allows you to boost your protein levels at any point during the day, especially between meals.

Improving performance

Having built a structured dietary and training routine, it is often a good idea to consider how you can start pushing your physical capabilities to the next level and get one step ahead of your competitors. There are a number of sports supplements that can give you an extra boost and we recommend Beta Alanine for anyone looking to improve their triathlon performance. This amino acid helps slow down the onset of fatigue and also allows your body to work harder for longer.

Looking after your body

Vitamins play a huge role in helping the body recover, stay healthy and also flush out any unwanted toxins or free radicals. A comprehensive multi vitamin such as Alpha Men (Super Multi Vitamin) should be a part of any serious athletes' daily supplementation. Avoiding injury or illness is extremely important for any athlete. The essential fatty acid content of Super Omega 3 offers a variety of health benefits including reduced blood cholesterol and the promotion of healthier joints, something that all triathletes should consider when looking at the amount of impact placed on the joints during an event.

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