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Nitro Extreme

Next generation pump enhancer



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Nitro Extreme is the most complete and scientifically driven NO product to hit the sports nutrition market. The potent blend of ingredients help drive blood flow to your working muscles - powering your workout and maximising 'pump'.

As a potent NO amplifier, Nitro Extreme is the only pre-workout product to contain the “Nitro Pump Blend” of L Arginine Nitrate, Citrulline Malate, L Norvaline, and CFM Nitro™ at their most effective and synergistic inclusion rates. NO production is limited within the body by NOS (NO Synthase) enzymes, however Nitro Extreme has been designed to up-regulate NOS activity and boost NO levels.

L Arginine Nitrate is a fusion of L Arginine and Nitric Acid that can increase the amount and duration of NO production. Increased NO production causes vasodilation, allowing increased blood flow and delivery of vital nutrients to the working muscles.

L Norvaline is an amino acid that can inhibit the breakdown of Arginine, thus increasing its conversion into NO…allowing for sustained blood flow and vasodilation.

CFM Nitro™ is a whey derived NOS activator which has been shown to effectively enhance NO activity by over 900%!

Citrulline Malate works synergistically with Arginine and even at low doses has been show to increase NO production, growth compound release and ATP synthesis.

Finally, we have included our unique “Extreme Energy Blend” of Grape Seed Extract and Pine Bark Extract, designed to scavenge free radicals and enhance oxygen transport to the working muscles. These two powerful ingredients can also enhance recovery by reducing the effects of exercise induced by-products such as lactic acid.

Nitro Extreme is for the serious athlete looking to take their training beyond the limits.

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